Our Philosophy

The cental theme in both of our lives so far, is a visible- and noticeable attitude of respect as well as estimation of humans, animals and nature.
In all our activities we want to introduce our knowledge and our capability in a lasting and meaningful manner.


„équi-libre au moulin“ is our goal. This means that you should be able to recover yourself from your daily business at the time spent in our guesthouse.

L’équilibre in sense of balance as it means. Because this attribute is needed presently very much in our usually stressful time. The daily business normally is driven by hectic pace and pressure to perform.
Our house, the nice big park with lots of romantic places, the horses, the pond in front of the mill and the plashing creeks will bring to you recreation and feeling home.

All are warmly welcome, doesn't matter if young or old. Our mill and the surroundings fulfill your wishes of the heart: nature & culture, conviviality & quietness, sport & recreation, warmness & carnality 

Horses (lat. Equus) are an important arch of "équi-libre au moulin“. The horses can show us with their presence their rhythm and their behaviour a deeply reflection about ourself. Horses can show us how we react without judging at any time. Our small herd of horses just live beside the park.

Beside the horses, our cat "Chouette" found her place at the mill with big curiousness and joy as well. She is also able to help you to find it's own balance.

The four mandarin ducks in the pond of the mill named Farine (f), Blé (m), Sarrasin (m) and Epautre (m) belong to our family as well.