We offer bicycles for rent.

Cycling in our beautiful surroundings is a wonderful experience, allowing you to immerse yourself the hills, valleys, gorges and lavender fields, travelling at your own pace, and with all your senses open to your surroundings.

For the time being the following well maintained bicycles are available:

- 2 Touring cycles: KogaMyata and Cannondale
- 2 Ligthweight cycles: Müsing and Scott-Waimea
- 1 Mountain-bicycle
- 2 cycles with electric motor assistance

We rent the bikes to following conditions:


1/2 day



Rent Bike € 15.- (TTC) € 20.- (TTC) € 80.- (TTC)
Rent Electro-Bike € 22.- (TTC) € 30.- (TTC) € 100.- (TTC)

An insurance against accident has to be covered by the lessee. The insurance is not included in our rent. The cycles have to be used just for its proper purpose.